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Stories of a warrior, dreaming.

Welcome to my 3 Worlds!

  • My Dream Life
  • My First Life
  • My Second Life

This sanctuary is born of my dreaming and it welcomes all dream warriors, freedom fighters, explorers from anywhere and everywhere in this infinite universe!

Who is This Wild Woman They Call “fyre?”

I am the creator of MY experience and I’m the subject matter for this entire sanctuary.

I’ve spent my entire life until this juncture putting anyone and anything before my own deepest wishes for myself and my connection to the universe.

What kept me at Bay for so long was my fear of stepping into my own power. My own unrelenting sadness and, despair about the evils and intentional wrong-doings that rip through this plane of existence unfettered, has felt like a dagger in my back since as long as I can remember.

The Work I Do for MYSELF is My Best Work

I cannot be the best human I need to be for the universe and everything and everyone in it, unless, I’m my finest…my highest self, with ME first!

I’m A Dream Warrior

A dream warrior is what I’ve become out of sheer need to bring balance to one of the places that gifts me much needed peace and joy when all else fails to do so.

Being in dreaming, actively has taught me so much and it never stops the lessons.

I’m long overdue and right on time to begin teaching others to get acquainted with their OWN dream warrior selves, do you agree?!

I Learned How to Lucid Dream

Just freshly graduated from High School and ready to explore ALL the worlds available to me I was handed a series of books that changed the course of my life.

My dreams up until that year had been a huge part of my life.

A Gorgeous Part and a Terrifying Part

Sure, I had mundane dreams. Like we do. For the most part though, my dreams were either gorgeously wild, unfettered and flying or, the polar opposite.

My nightmares were so terrifying that if nightmares had nightmares, mine would have suited, in spades.

Even in my teens and, even through the nightmares, I had always considered my dreaming to be a gift. A gift because, I hadn’t met anyone up to that point that dreamed quite like I did or, if they did, they didn’t have the meticulous dream recall I did. I felt rather alone in that.

I Still Remember My First Lucid Dream

It wasn’t wild or indulgent. It was warm and simple and to this day it remains one of the most consequential dreams in my entire existence on this planet we call Earth. (My 1st Lucid Dream)

Dreaming, has been and will continue to be, an entire life of learning for me. I’m not easily surprised and sometimes I’m still astonished at the movements and lessons of my dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Abolished My Nightmares Forever!

Yes, you read that right. Just shy of 2 decades of gruesome nightmares, I learned a tool well enough that it wiped out true (for me) nightmares in my sleep, forever!

To be fair to myself and anyone reading, it’s so excruciatingly difficult to convey what that meant to me into words that anyone could truly understand. So, much so, I thought I’d better dedicate an entire website to dreaming ALL my worlds so I could explain things in a bit more depth.

If you have terribly trying nightmares or worse and you just visualized what it’d be like to neVer have them again… you’re in the right place.

You Deserve Deep Rest noT Deep Nightmares

Helping people abolish their own nightmares in their OWN time is something I feel is more of a duty than a talent.

The world can be scary enough through no fault of your own.

I will spend the rest of my life putting that tool in as many toolbelts as I can!

I have been dreaming of this day, seemingly, as I recapitulate, my entire life! There has been a storm brewing inside of me since the day I was conceived (thanks Momma and Pop!)  

I don’t feel that way any longer.

It’s not that I don’t still feel the weight of the world sometimes and it is not that I don’t have any more truly challenging and daunting daze.

What’s important is that I found a balance that brought me to where I am now.  A place where I can be me with no excuses, no apologies of who I am, and truly, for the most part, have always been.

This space I have created is all about me and the lessons I have learned. This place is a platform for my continuing journey.  I will always be a student.  I revel in this fact.

I Never Give Up!

I never called it quits on anything but, that of which was not serving me. Every time I said “can’t” I had a family, friends, …who I call “Tribe,” at my back.

They, at every turn, believed in me, in no uncertain terms, at times (too many times), way more than I believed in myself.

It’s because of my tenacious will and this strong tribe of “Do-gooders” that you are reading these words today.  Give great thanks for those “Do-Gooders” in your life my friends.

They will make you laugh it out, sing it out, cry…wale it out!  They will make you shout it out, chant it out and if you have the tribe I do….they will make you dance it out alongside them!

I used to teach kids gymnastics.  I had a motto that was passed down to me to use when I heard a youngin’ utter any version of “but, I cannn’t.”  

I would rally the rest of the class with “Ohhh, someone just said the “C” word!”  Then, I would muster my best boisterous, yet sincere, preacher voice and let this rip: “What’s our motto team?!”  My class would respond with….

*Insert extremely dramatic hand gestures and random jumps and body contortions by my tiny team and myself here*

“I cannnnnnnn, I willlllllll, I belieeeeeeve!”

This, most times, was repeated 3 times for effect or, until riotous laughter ensued.

3 seemed to be the magic number for all the kids on our team to be all smiles.

Maybe, more importantly for this conversation’s purposes. it often was a long time team member who needed to be reminded of their worth and, to be reminded that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, even in our beautiful individuality that may need a little push along with an injection of hilarity sometimes.

We are all a part of this gorgeous web of life.

I am at a loss to express to you enough how this lesson has saved me with smiles during my life since then.


I Never Knew What I Really Wanted!?

Some people know from a young age exactly what it is they wanted to achieve.  I now have more definitive answers to what I really want/desire.  It took a long time to get here.

I cannot stress that fact enough.

I always had somewhat abstract visions in mind.  Mostly abstract to others of what it was I truly wanted.  What I had was a feeling that I could not seem to put into words.

I remember, when I believe I was in my second semester of college (at leVel 36) a dear friend, in the midst of a rather heated conversation, asked: “What are you even in college for?!”

Honestly, it was a pretty valid question.  I mean, I was there to prove to myself that I could do something I never thought I could do.

I wanted to obtain my fitness specialist certification (which I did do) but, what I was going to do with that was a subject that left eternal questions in my mind.  It made my brain hurt in reality.

So, I stopped stressing about it and just went on learning.  Then, it dawned on me one day that I just wanted to study what I was interested in, period, I didn’t have an end game.

In fact, when it came to “formal” education I was/still am a complete novice.

I walked into a meeting one day with a counselor in the DSPS (a students with learning disabilities program) and left with the knowledge that I had a dual major I was unaware of until that day.

Apparently, I was closer to a Spanish degree than I was to an exercise science degree.

If I hadn’t taken this leap into the unknown I might never have discovered that it was pretty severe ADHD that was helping keep me in a loop.

I Stopped Beating Myself Up!

Luckily, I had a pretty spectacular life coach at the time.  I think the most valuable lesson I learned from her was to not beat myself up about stuff.

Checking myself daily for any shite talk I might let slip is a must.

I have always had an extensive amount of patience with others but, when it came to me I had a very short tolerance for my faults.  Now, I make decisions based on my own shine’s desire.

I say this because I used to feel a bit of a shadow cast on me from my traditionally successful friends and family.

The self-deprecating thoughts were not (I know, thank you, Captain Obvious) helping my cause.

When I look back on the way I used to feel I’m just grateful I still kept my general bright outlook on things or, I would have dragged myself down to a super dark place.

I took everything awesome from the people I admire and, are inspired by, and implemented the lessons I learned from them in my own way and in my own sweet time.

Now, I Know What I Want!

There are a few things that stood out to me in my 42 years on planet earth.

  1. I want to keep fulfilling my deep desire to travel.
  2. I want to keep learning and immersing myself in other cultures other than my own.
  3. I want to continue writing about my experiences old and new and keep this interactive platform for sharing it all alive and well.
  4. I want to share the reverential way I will to edify the mentors/family/friends you read about above, the people I consider my tribe!
  5. I want to be forever a student!
  6. I want to succeed at levitation, in the physical sense and, I also wanted to see if you were still paying attention ;  )
  7. There is no guarantee of tomorrow so I strive to enjoy something immensely every single day.  I want everyone to find that special joy every day as well <3
  8. An integral part of me is helping other people in any way I can.  In fact, I’ve made helping others my business.  I always want this brand of love in my life!
Passport Love
The excitement is inexplicable!

If the Spirit Moves You Please Feel Free to Post Me a Note in the Comments Below!
This site is powered by Love and inspiration!
You are all a part of my inspiration and I am honored to read and respond to your comments always.

Have a blessed day, fyre

fyre Daydreaming the Verse at Cerridwen's Cauldron [CC] in Second Life.
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27 thoughts on “About fyre”

  1. Fyre,

    Thanks for this very inspirational article.

    As we all go through the struggles of life and of finding ourselves, It is difficult to remain focused and, we have a tendency to get sidetracked or to go in the direction that is acceptable to society but, I can see that through it all you have stayed true to yourself and with who you are and for that, I commend you.

    Great post!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Forrest : ) Focusing on one step at a time has always been an issue for me but, I’m getting a little better at it day by day. I really appreciate you dropping by to see what this site is all about. Stay tuned for my next adventure!

  2. Hello, there, Fyre,
    I just realized that your name is (Fire) not Frye… which is an obviously fitting name, with a one such as you with the fire of life inside of her! You are quite gifted with a fine tuned sense of balance and positivity.. You naturally encourage others and care, maybe, too much at times, but, can anyione care too much? I really don’t think so…there need to be more people like you to make up for those who care less. Thank you so much for allowing me to glimpse who you really are… Love you!ā™„PJ

    • I get that a lot! Also, Friar…that one is the best! I agree it’s not that we can care too much (unless it’s caring about the negative or not serving you stuff others may try to inflict on you….then, definitely don’t care!) The important thing is caring as much about and for yourself as you do for others right? We can only give as much to others as we empower ourselves with. I know my life changed in a huge way when I started taking better care of me.

      Thank you so much for taking the tie to stop by my new site Pj you are an amazing woman and I’m so glad we found each other. Like-minds/hearts gravitate through space an we are a good example! Love you lady blessings on you and your family <3 ,fyre

  3. I really enjoyed reading your about me page . I also enjoy learning and plan to go back to school as soon as my little one starts school ( to make it easier) , and plan on traveling when we get the chance to. I want to be able to teach my kids about different cultures and also visit those countries . You seems like you have a good tribe behind you I bet you will achieve anything you put your mind to .

    • I have the best tribe one could ask for…and now a whole new WA tribe as well! As the saying goes, “We are all just walking each other home.” ~Rumi <3 Remember our back yards are a new world to explore everyday really. Of course I am an outdoorsy type I know not everyone is. I bet you learn from your daughter everyday as well. This online University is one of the hardest things I've ever done but, the most satisfying as well. Your bright heart shines through your words and I know you will do great things for you and your precious one. Thank you for visiting me on the beginning of this incredible journey!

    • Hello Tara – please don’t mind me dropping a quick note here. Good luck when you get back to school – from one of the WA members.

  4. Hiya Fy – I here-by name you “The Lady Of The Dance.”

    Thanks for this dance with your tribe and your wit.

    Do let us know when you start the actual levitatin’ ‘coz my mate Sir ‘Ector’s got a ‘levitator’ you can try out for him if you like. And he will be paying attention.

    It kills a lot of people but it’s worth it for the giggle. Sharing the joys and laughter of life as you are doing here is cool! Let’s see lots more and read your prose in action.

    Have fun and keep the crazy going…Andre

    • *Mad giggles* You are such a jovial joy my friend. I was levitating just last night in my favorite spot over the river….while I should have been sleepin’! I’m always game to try out a new gadget though. Some people need a boost….and I’m no stranger to the gauntlet ; ) The world would be a grim place without the sound of snickers, giggles, plain old laughter and a great grand gaffaw everyday….every single day <3 Thanks so much for peeking in on the start of this site. I really appreciate it brother!

  5. It’s awesome to meet you Fyre!
    Your journey so far is similar to mine except you are an optimist and I try to be one. Like you, I never was the type who knew what they wanted- I went with the flow and did what everyone was doing and tried to figure myself out as I went along.
    One thing I did know at a young age of 15 was that I like foreign places and began to save money to travel once I started working. My travel plans are on hold now as I have kids (I go to the UK to see my family but I don’t consider that travelling).
    The best thing is to be a student! It’s great that you want that. We are kindred spirits like that. Learning is the journey of life…. I hope that this journey will bring you happiness!

    • Thank you so much! I was like you and saved early but, life takes a turn sometimes and my savings was drained by the time I graduated High School. I have traveled extensively in the USA (and I LOVE it) but, I always had my mind in even farther away places. Meeting people like you constantly confirms my reason for going global with my adventures. Blessings on you and yours…we both have interesting, educational and exciting times to come!

  6. Fyre, thank you for your openness and honesty here, your story is lovely. I can completely empathise with getting to 36 and not really knowing what you want to do… and I think the realisation that studying something you’re interested in, for the sake of it, is a really important one! Congratulations on your fitness specialist certification! Also, that kids gymnastics class story was adorable!

    • Thank you kindly for reading my story. I think if I make it to 70 or so I will still be taking art and dance classes till I can’t any longer heehee. So much to see and do and dance out!

      I’ll never have kids of my own but, I love them dearly. As you probably can imagine I am that crazy Auntie fyre to even non-blood related kids…and I love every moment with them. If I could I would take as many kids in as I could in one giant school/home/exploratory education mountain of future awesomes. I certainly know enough educators in the world that would be a perfect fit to cater to every type of learning style so the kids wouldn’t be tied down to that horrific ‘standard testing” and the new math atrocity called “common core” which, by the way, I would still be in elementary school if that was implemented in the 1970’s hehee. I wish I was joking ; )

  7. It is so important to have that network of people. Do-Gooders, Tribe, Posse, whatever you want to call it, having people there to support you is so critical to just about everything. I know I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without those people in my life.

    • Thank you so much Colin! Yes, I have quite a bit of work to do. I’ve been off the grid for quite a while in Mexico but, I should have some new content coming soon as I’ve been working offline as best I can. Blessings!

  8. Nice! Firy and hot, fresh words and thoughts filled with passion. THAT is what this world is short of. Fill that space, create more of it, embrace it, be more than it, let it overwhelm you. Follow your heart, live it, stretch yourself and go beyond.

    Well done for taking this plunge and being brave. šŸ™‚ Looking forward to more

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and la verdad brother Nikodemis!

      ‘, stretch yourself and go beyond.” great advice for anyone. : )

      People have called me brave a lot throughout my life. I think I’m just starting to get a firmer grasp on why after my solo Mexico trip.

      Thank you again, I really appreciate your thoughts <3


      • Hi Jennifer
        This is Sam, the college professor. We met at ob market day. You gave me your info to check on the web site and keep in touch.
        I am glad I did check it. I like it.
        Please tell me when you like to get together to chat over a drink or coffee.

        Peace and love

  9. Wow, Fyre.
    I wish I had some wise words to say but I just felt like I resonated so much with what you say that I wanted to reply to your post.

    I really love the motto you use of I can, I will, I believe.” I also love your positive vibe. There is no limit to what you can achieve in your life except for what your mind tells you there is. I’ve learned this myself/am in the process a little still of overcoming it.

    Thank you for sharing your life and yourself. šŸ™‚

  10. Hi ‘Fire’….I love your spirit and your passion to be FREE! I know where to go to get that energy and believe in myself more….I will be back here go to get that feeling….many tines over.

    Thank you for sharing your story, your passions!!

    I’ll be back…..

  11. Hi Fyre,

    Love the website site, and can so relate to the paragraph about ‘I stopped beating myself up’. That was a huge lesson that I also had to learn but I’m glad I did. Will be coming to the site on a regular basis to see what you add. All the best, Sylvie


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